All Foam Core™ logs manufactured by Summit Log Products are Kiln Dried.  The Foam Core™ technology consists of a log system that has a 3 or 4 inch foam core through the center of the log.  This has several benefits. First the Foam Core™ creates the R-Value of the log wall. Second during the drying process the log does not check and crack as a conventional log does.  This makes the walls constructed from foam core logs very weather tight and energy efficient.





Energy Efficient - Reducing heating and cooling costs of your log home. 

Stable Consistent Product - Maintains milling tolerances and dimensions

Timeless Beauty of Natural Wood Construction - Available in a variety of wood species.

Kiln Dried - Wood is kiln dried so post construction shrinkage and cracking are kept to a minimum.




Foam Core™ house logs are the finest milled Swedish cope style house logs money can buy.  Foam Core™ house logs produce a significantly superior log structure.  These logs are available in Douglas Fir one of the strongest wood construction materials available.  Foam Core™ house logs have minimal drying checks making a more sound house log.




Log home built with Foam Core™ logs.




The Foam Core™ technology has brought together 21st century innovation with the timeless beauty of log construction.  The Foam Core™ in the center of the log increases the insulation value of the wall, reducing the heating and cooling costs of your home.  All Foam Core™ logs are kiln dried  so there is minimal shrinkage or post construction checking. 



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